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Follow Along Our Dream Home Build: Infill Edition (Journal Entry #6) The Construction Process

Journal Entry #6: The Construction Process

The waiting is finally over and we are ready to build your house!

Let’s get the most commonly asked

question out of the way:

“When can we move in?”

While this is going to be dependent on the size and scale of your home, it is typical that our homes will take anywhere between 9-12 months of construction from the time we excavate the foundation. Some of the variables are the square footage of your home, the details within your home and any delays due to weather.

At Aacropolis Homes, we pride ourselves in creating a comprehensive schedule for the construction of your home, coordinating all of our trades and suppliers to be as time sensitive as possible. At the same time, we won’t sacrifice on quality and attention to detail in order to rush the build.

Speaking of our Trades and Suppliers, we utilize partners in building your home based on their quality of workmanship, timelines and responsiveness to completing each scope of work as well as their commitment to warranty of their workmanship. Our partnerships are important to our reputation and we are stringent on ensuring we have the best companies working with us.

A great resource which outlines each of the stages of construction is found on the CHBA website. The link here details the major milestones of your home build:

We will engage you throughout the Construction Process with several critical walk through’s during your build, to both show the workmanship and also to guide you through your selections process as outlined in our last Journal Entry (Interior Selections). We know it is exciting to see the progress and we will make sure you have plenty of opportunities to visit your home when it is clean and safe to do so! We never want you to feel like anything is hidden during the build process and also know that you will be excited to see each stage come together!

We will keep you updated on the scheduling of your home along the way and we will estimate your possession date as we progress through your build. Your official date of possession letter will come at least 35 days in advance, this will be the firm date that your home will be completed.

Around 2-3 weeks ahead of your possession date we will do a walk through of your home to identify items to be completed and address any outstanding deficiencies. The next few weeks will be dedicated to completing, cleaning and installing any appliances and final touches ahead of your move in day!

We take a lot of pride in our homes and your experience matters a great deal to us! We will keep the lines of communication open throughout the construction process. We strive to make your dream home build as enjoyable and easy as possible! A strong process means that each stage can be fun rather than stressful. This is the reason the majority of our business comes from referrals.

Next time we will outline what to prepare for your move in day, as well as detail the warranty and service program for your home.

If you're looking for more information on the process of building an infill home, give Amanda a call! 825.510.2298

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