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Follow Along Our Dream Home Build: Infill Edition (Journal Entry #4) Permitting & Site Preparation

Journal Entry #4: Permitting and Site Preparation

Now that we have your blueprints with the floorplan and exterior finalized we are ready to prepare for permitting. In the case of an infill there are 3 key permits we need to apply for before getting started on the construction of your home.

A Demolition Permit is needed if there is a house on the property that needs to be removed. Whether you are repurposing the house by having a company move the home for someone else to utilize and enjoy, or if the home is a complete demolition, we need the City’s authorization in the form of an approved Demolition Permit. A Demolition Permit requires confirmation that the utilities have been shut off. Asbestos testing needs to be completed in the form of a second party Asbestos report. If the report shows asbestos in the home materials, a professional company will need to come and abate the asbestos. The City will need a certificate showing that the asbestos has been removed, before issuing a Demolition Permit.

A Development Permit is required showing the type of home, size, height and coverage of the lot. The Development officer will determine if all the zoning regulations are being adhered to. If variances are needed then the City will engage in that process. We will guide you throughout and ensure that if there is a need for variances that we have both community support and that there is a likelihood for approvals.

Once the Development approval process is completed your home file will move to the Building Permit stage. This permit ensures that the home complies with all applicable Building Codes. Blueprints, Engineered Plans and energy modelling will all be considered for approval. A qualified builder will ensure that all of our bases are covered making the building permit approval a quick and painless task.

In most cases we will apply for all 3 of these permits at once. A builders reputation goes a long way with the City approvals entities. As a builder with a good neighbour policy, complete applications and professional presentation, the City appreciates Aacropolis Homes as a partner in the infill process. The timeline for the permit process can largely depend on whether or not there are any variances we are applying for as well as the current workload of the City Development offices, but rest assured our organized approach will mean that we don’t waste anytime in the process.

While we are going through the approval process we can be utilizing the permitting time to have you start the fun process of your interior selections! In our next Blog post we will explore the selections process and how we guide you through the interior design of your home!

If you're looking for more information on the process of building an infill home, give Amanda a call! 825.510.2298

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