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Follow Along our Dream Home Build: Infill Edition (Journal Entry #2) Designing Your Dream Home

Updated: Mar 15

Journal Entry 2: Designing Your Dream Home

Once you have identified the lot in your desired neighbourhood that is right for your dream home, we can start planning your home layout. Let the fun begin!

We love working with our clients and seeing their specific wish list. Things such as “we love a bright sunny kitchen” can be a great jumping off point. Often times, we start from napkin sketches and work towards full building blueprints. As an experienced builder, we know how to ask all the right questions. A sit-down meeting will get the ideas flowing as we discuss how you like to live in your home and what features are most important.

While you don’t need to come to us with a layout in mind, some of our clients have done a lot of dreaming and research and have floor plans they have seen and love. So, whether you’ve given it lots of thought or just don’t know where to start, we will guide you through the process of figuring out what is important to you for your home. That’s where all those questions can really help to pin point the rooms and layout that work best!

Rough sketches, ideas about room flow, stair case styles and important spaces are then brought to our drafting designer where they begin their magic. We will facilitate the process by collaborating with the client and the drafting team to come up with a layout that works well on the property and captures the specific home owner’s personality and lifestyle. It’s also important to keep the lot features in mind when working on a layout. Perhaps there are views we are trying to capture in key rooms or maybe the morning or afternoon sun is desired in particular spaces.

Utilizing our expertise to navigate the particular lot’s setbacks and city guidelines is also key. We have to make sure the layout not only fits a particular client’s needs, but will also be accepted with the city permitting/architectural agent of a community. We never want a client to fall in love with a plan and end up not being able to build it because it doesn’t meet the guidelines.

We really strive to make this process not only fun but easy. There is a huge benefit in working with a builder through the process of planning, as we can keep your investment level in mind. Both a clients budget as well as cost effective building practices should factor into a home design.

We often hear that clients just can’t visualize a plan on paper and that’s something we can help with. Meeting with you in a couple of our homes, with a tape measure and your plans in hand, we can help you visualize just what your house will be like. We want you to truly understand the home design long before a shovel ever hits the ground.

Next blog post will be all about exteriors and ensuring the curb appeal of your home matches your personality and the neighbourhood. Follow along for our third journal entry to learn this next crucial step in planning.

If you're looking for more information on the process of building an infill home, give Amanda a call! 825.510.2298

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