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Follow Along our Dream Home Build: Infill Edition (Journal Entry #1) Finding The Right Lot

Updated: Mar 15

Journal entry #1: Finding the right lot and what’s next.

Many people don’t know where to start in the often confusing process of building an infill.

They know the aura of being in a mature neighbourhood feels right, but how do you go from knowing where you want to live to moving into the dream home you desire? We know when driving around sought-after mature neighbourhoods, there are big, beautiful mature lots with outdated and small homes where a renovation is just not possible. How do you go from that lot to building your dream home?

This is where an experienced custom builder comes in. When trying to decide on the right property to purchase for your infill home, we can look at all the zoning restrictions for that property. Understanding the city guidelines isn’t always easy. This is especially true with a major overhaul to the zoning bylaws coming into effect January 1, 2024. We will decipher and assess the site coverage and setback requirements, slopes, exposures and what type of garage is allowed to help you visualize what type of home will work on the property. If you don’t already have a home site in mind, we will enlist our experienced realtor partner for your search. Enlisting the pro’s means you are in great hands!

With our experience, we can take a look at the existing home and give you an idea of what the removal of that home entails. Whether it’s a full demo and site cleanup, or the potential of “reusing” that home and utilizing a moving company to assist with finding another property for a family to love, we will guide you through the processes and budgeting required.

Then we take our clients through the really fun part…the creative process. As we get to know our clients, we will get an understanding of how they live, what spaces in the home are the most important and how the property can highlight these areas. At this time we will also start to discuss architecture and different interior styles. If you love a quiet coffee in the morning in your kitchen, maybe an east facing window is what works best for you. Perhaps there are beautiful trees in front of the property and it makes the most sense for the primary suite to overlook those views. All these factors are considered as we work with you and our design team on your dream home, but we will get into that more in our next journal entry coming soon (Journal entry #2: Designing the perfect layout).

Putting your trust in a builder that understands all that goes into the infill process is critical. Aacropolis Homes has expertise in guiding our clients from start to finish, making their infill dreams come true!

If you are unsure where to start, give Amanda a call! 825.510.2298

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