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Follow Along Our Dream Home Build: Infill Edition (Journal Entry #5) The Interior Selections Process

Journal Entry #5: The Interior Selections Process

It’s “go time” on your home! As we gear and start construction, preparing the scheduling and site management we will have you begin the process of choosing your interior finishes. As a custom home builder, we are aligned with the best suppliers in Edmonton who can provide you with all the finest

finishings for your home. As part of our process, we include ample time with our interior designer to help you through the process of tying all your ideas together and creating your personal haven!

As we’ve been going through the process so far, we’ve been encouraging you to keep any inspiration photos you’ve seen along the way through Pinterest, Houzz or magazines and google searches. We will start by having you select all your kitchen and bar appliances. We do this first so that the custom cabinetry is built around the sizes and style of appliances you want. You will meet with our custom cabinet supplier to design your kitchens, bathrooms and bar areas. They also can work with you on any other custom built in cabinetry throughout your home. Choosing door styles, hardware, colours and wood species as well as customized layouts. They will do detailed drawings for you to fully understand

what you are choosing.

Other selections to choose early in the process include your fireplace (or fireplaces) and all the plumbing fixtures for your home as it’s important to have the specs and design when beginning all the rough-in’s.

Our interior designer will help you pull together all your inspiration and ideas and guide you to capturing the look and feel of your spaces to make them feel like home! It can sound like an overwhelming process, but doing things in the step-by-step manner makes it much easier! Our process is designed to allow you to focus on each decision in a way that doesn’t feel pressured and corresponds to when we need the information to avoid any unnecessary delays in construction. The patient and professional guidance of our suppliers and interior designer will make you feel confident in all your selections.

As we frame your home, we have you meet with the Electrician to ensure that all your lighting is properly designed for each space. Additionally, outlet placements are a consideration that we don’t overlook. This ensures that you get the right lighting in each space and that you don’t need to reach for an extension cord because you forgot an outlet.

By the time we have your home drywalled most of your selections will be finalized including cabinetry, flooring, tile and paint colours. When our finishing carpenter is ready to start the millwork on your home, we’ll have you come to site and design any built-in shelving, additional fireplace details, benches and custom closet systems. This is the perfect time to think about these things as most of the big decisions have already been made and you can focus while in the home about how to make everything both beautiful and functional.

We know that you will be excited to see all the progress on your home, so we ensure you have plenty of opportunities with our team to visit your home and see things come together. That’s why working with a boutique, client focused builder like Aacropolis Homes makes all the difference. The care we provide throughout the construction process is why the majority of our business comes from referrals. We thrive on happy clients! Partnering with professionals and the best suppliers mean that you will have many options to customize your home and get the look you are after. Having our interior designer work with you throughout the process means that everything will look spectacular and you don’t need to

second guess your decisions.

Our next journal entry will dive into the stages of construction as well as that most asked question... “when can we move in?”.

If you're looking for more information on the process of building an infill home, give Amanda a call! 825.510.2298

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